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Digital Strategies For A New Era of Savvy Collaborative Business Professionals

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Partnering with ADR Professionals
To Develop Tech-Enhanced Business Strategies and Implement Innovative ODR Technologies

Does Your Practice Dominate in the Market?

Technology cannot replace the lack of business planning or strategic execution. But good technology incorporated into a solid Business Plan is a game changer.  CollabR8 competitively drives your Collaborative Practice into a changing market.

It's NOT about becoming a Tech-friendly professional.

It's about empowering your Business Strategy and dominating the market.

  • Connect with Clients BEFORE they go elsewhere

    Connect with Clients BEFORE they go elsewhere

    Marketing is a contest for people's attention. Introducing the right clients to YOUR Collaborative Process early, is imperative. Who is your Target Demographic? CollabR8 is a strategic lead generation tools.

  • WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS ROI? Organize your clients, manage case files and automate your processes.

    WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS ROI? Organize your clients, manage case files and automate your processes.

    Core to any solid business plan is minimizing expenses, managing client expecations and understanding your bottom line. CollabR8 is an ever-growing Platform of ODR and efficiency process tools that manage business processes from intake to completion.

  • Digital ODR Collaboration

    Digital ODR Collaboration

    Working collaboratively with other professionals that share similar business execution strategies is a powerful business model. "Handshake" other professionals, digitally share case data, reports and documents. Host meetings in virtual Negotiation Rooms with virtual NFP Forums.

Technology That Empowers Your Innovation

CollabR8 empowers YOUR individual Business Strategy first and also scales to grow your Collaborative Association

A Collaborative Association is as strong as its weakest members. Grow your association by strengthening your own practice first. An ever increasing, innovative suite of digital process solutions that execute solid Collaborative Practice business models.

Smart Marketing

Market your practice and in turn your Collaborative Family Law Association, to the right clients with targeted, cost-effective, savvy tools.

Client Triage

Client Triage utilizes AI to align clients with relevant information and to direct consumers to the appropriate professionals.

Financial Disclosure

Digital Financial Disclosure Apps that organize and simplify the process for your clients and maximize your professional efficiency.

Collaborative Sharing

Easily add Collaborative Professionals to any file. Instantly and securely share client information and documents.

Negotiation Room

Virtual Negotiation room allows multiple users to utilize digital NFP Statements and financial resources to elevate clients' understanding of settlements.

Document Storage

Stop losing track of document versions. Centralized access to Client ID, their documents and historical versions of Agreements, all in one central, virtual location.

Protect Data

Know where your data is being stored. Meet and exceed industry standards. Prioritize client Security and Privacy facilitated via IBM Vault.

Client Manager

Organize chaos! Track all interactions between you, your client and all professionals throughout the entire collaborative process .

Document Generation

Generate digitally interactive NFPs and other legal documents directly from client data. Push data to other legal software.

Create a Client-Centric Collaborative Association

A client-centered practice actually means placing clients at the center of your thinking and business model.

Take Collaborative Law beyond the professional services you provide. Innovate the client experience. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and build a business model around it! Look at the family law experience from your client’s point of view—and strategize your Business Plan around how you can use technology to provide a good client experience that is also efficient for your collaborative agenda.

Being a great professional does not mean good business models.  Successful Collaborative Professionals and the Associations they are a part of understand their success metrics, strategize how to drive business in, while also monetizing professional capacity.

Integrate With Your Current Apps and Software.

CollabR8 integrates with many of the apps you are already using (and some you’ll be glad you found). Minimize expenses and maximize profit.